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ISCJ Contact Information for When Funeral/Burial/Janaza Needs to be Scheduled

Hamad ChebliISCJ Imam
732.329.2400 (H)
848.203.2178 (cell)
732.329.8126 (Office)
Afzal SaeedChairman ISCJ Burial and Cemetery Services
732.991.5896 (cell)
ISCJ Admin Office 732.329.6995
ISCJ Burial Preparation Home
Other Important Information

Assalaamu 'alaikum, May Allah Almighty forgive the deceased and provide you, your family and friends with patience during this difficult time. When you contact ISCJ, we will guide and assist you with the proper information and documented checklist of steps to take so the burial can take place in a timely fashion. May Allah bless the soul of the deceased and grant the highest stations in paradise. ISCJ will do their best to make the funeral and burial process as easy as possible during this difficult period for the family and friends.

1. For a deceased sister:
  • Please do not bring more than four female family members who will participate in the ghusl.
  • Three additional male family members are also preferred to help transport the deceased.
  • Female volunteers are available for ghusl upon request.
2. For deceased brother:
  • Please do not bring more than four male family members who will participate in ghusl
3. Since parking is limited at the Burial Preparation Home, please park at the ISCJ walk from the back to Burial Preparation Home.
4. Please request all other family members who wish to attend the Janazah prayer to go directly to ISCJ.
5. Please do not discuss any funeral cost with funeral home. ISCJ has already negotiated the fees.

The Jersey State Memorial Park address is: 2 Conover Road, Millstone, NJ 08535 (Unless otherwise noted)

To learn more about a Free Centralized Funeral Notification Service in NJ, please visit (This is not an ISCJ Notification Service)

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