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Friday Sermons

As of January 1, 2010, Due to the large attendance and diverse schedules of our community members, ISCJ conducts two Jummah prayers.

The first Prayer (khutbah) will start at 12 Noon and the second will start at 1:15 PM. The first prayer will conclude at approximately 12:35pm inshallah.

Please include time for timely departure after the first prayer so that we can have room in the parking lot for the second prayer.

This arrangement shall be assessed going forward. Appropriate changes may be made to ensure maintaining convenient prayers and avoiding any damage to ISCJ image in the surrounding community.

Let us all work together to make this successful. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala guide us in serving for His cause.

Please park legally and do not block the entrance & exit of the ISCJ driveways. Only Elderly People can park at the Elderly Parking spots near the entrance of the Mosque. Please follow traffic instructions of the security guards.

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