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ISCJ Weekend School


Most of our kids attend public school where they do not receive formal Islamic education. The primary goal of the ISCJ Weekend School is to fill this gap by equipping its students with fundamental Islamic knowledge, values, and attitudes to function as a contributing member of our growing Muslim society in the U.S. We seek to make this process a quality and fun experience, and to create a sense of belonging to Muslim community.


The Weekend School was formed in October 1983 to fulfill one of the main objectives when ISCJ was established. Initially, the Weekend School had only one session during Sunday with less than 40 students. Currently, the Weekend School has almost 600 students between both Saturday and Sunday Sessions.

2016-2017 Information (For questions, contact us at

NOTE: This year the Weekend School opens on Saturday 9/17/16 and Sunday 9/18/16.

Open registration for new students as well as incoming students who have not pre-registered or have questions regarding their registration is on 9/17/16 starting at 3:30pm for Saturday session or on 9/18/16 starting at 10:15 AM for Sunday session.

Weekend School Registration Cost:

  • ISCJ Membership fee : $400 per family
  • Tuition per child : $190 (Late fee of $35 per child will be collected from all families that did not take advantage of the pre-registration process)
  • School Expansion contribution per child(To help us pay off our School Construction Obligations): $100

School Hours:

  • Saturday Session 3:00 pm - 6:15 pm
  • Sunday Session 9:45 am -1:00 pm

Weekend School Calendar

Weekend School Handbook

WKS Committee Membership Application Form

WKS Voluntary Assignment Form

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