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Committees which are made up of ISCJ volunteers are the backbone of the community. It’s with the help of committees that ISCJ is able to accomplish many different things and provide various services to the community.
You can see the list of ISCJ committees below. To learn more, click on each specific committee link.

Make sure you are ready to commit and the reasons you want to join a committee are sincere. You get to be part of a team that is providing value and service to the ISCJ community. Ultimately we are all doing these things for the sake of ALLAH Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, always remember that!

Ready to volunteer, send an email to

Building Committee

We are constantly working towards expanding our facilities to satisfy the needs of our growing community. As Islam grows in America so does the need for facilities large enough to host us. Alhumdullillah we have started the expansion project. Please visit the expansion page for the latest updates and details at Expansion

Ready to volunteer for the building committee? We need engineers, construction professionals, HVAC experts, project managers, and financial experts to help us, please send an email to

Career Advancement Program (CAP)

Career Advancement Program (CAP) is an ISCJ initiative with the goal of providing ISCJ community members (15 years old and above) with access to tools, resources and knowledge through seminars, workshops, group discussions, mentoring and targeted trainings for enriching their careers and enabling them to stay ahead of the curve.

Br.Sadiq Shariff is currently leading this program. Planning is underway to identify and create events based on the needs of the community

We are excited to provide a valuable and relevant service to the ISCJ community. Some exciting projects under consideration include: Seminars/Workshops • Career Planning • Personality and Career Assessments • Marketing Yourself – Resume Writing, Interviewing and Social Networking • Career Management for Muslim Women • Leveraging Social Media for your Career or Business Skills Trainings • Public Speaking • Business Planning • Project Management

Any detailed questions and suggestions including wanting to volunteer may be directed to Br. Sadiq.

Communications Committee

Our mission is to deliver up-to-date, personalized and relevant information to our members and local communities about the activities of the Islamic Society of Central Jersey (ISCJ).

We use online technologies to deliver expanded services to our public members and nearby communities in a cost-effective manner. We aim to achieve greater efficiencies internally by using technology to decrease operating costs, increase non-dues revenue, and improve our communication outreach to members and stakeholders.

The community has a voice, whether we're talking to each other or we're presenting ourselves in the best possible manner to the general public. The Communication Committee handles publications, the ISCJ website and management of our Azhan email list.

Constitution Committee

Islam is by nature democratic and so is the ISCJ. As members make recommendations this committee reviews, presents and proposes amendments that our community votes on. Every great system of organizing people depends on a quality constitution that is adhered to.

ISCJ Constitution
ISCJ Procedure 16 - Prep and Conduct for General Body Meeting and Elections
Want to understand the official ISCJ Constitutional Amendment Procedure?

Family Support Group

Did you know that the ISCJ has a whole array of specialists ready and willing to attend to the needs of our members? From psychiatrists to social workers this committee is an option for families that need crisis support in an Islamic way. Only God is perfect without help, the rest of us should feel no shame in reaching out for help. .

ISCJ Endowment Fund

ISCJ Endowment Fund has been in existence since 2008 and its holdings are valued at $160k as of Oct 2016.

Our mission is to establish a strong and thriving ISCJ Endowment Fund with the following objectives.

  • Benefit ISCJ Members and their families
  • Sponsor need-based and merit-based college scholarships
  • Sponsor cultural, social and interfaith programs
  • Help the needy members of the community
  • Pay for ISCJ operational expenses and reduce membership fees in the future
  • Fund seed-money for certain special fard-e-kifaya type of projects for the community

Our immediate goal is to grow the ISCJ Endowment Fund to $1 million in 3-5 years through gifts from our community and investment returns.

For more information, please contact us at

Visit ISCJ Endowment Fund page click here.

Expansion Funding Group

Also known as EFG, they have been working tirelessly for the past several years to do various fundraising related activities

Any detailed questions and suggestions including wanting to volunteer.

Internal Audit Committee

The Internal Audit Committee reviews the procedures of processing the financial transactions in the various activities of ISCJ and seeks to ensure compliance with the ISCJ Policies and Procedures, generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and statutory requirements. A team of financial professionals report on their findings and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

In simple terms we could be called a watchdog team.

Any detailed questions and suggestions including wanting to volunteer may be directed to Accounting office.

Library Committee

"Read! In the Name of your Lord, Who has created (all that exists), He created man from a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood). Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous. Who has taught (the writing) by the pen (the first person to write was Prophet Idrees (Enoch). Has taught man that which he knew not" - (Quran 96:1-5)

"Iqra!" The history of Islam shows that the days of the ummah was the seat of intelligence throughout the world, a knowledge based on books. The library committee seeks to ensure that our members always have access to the best resources, whether as text, audio or video.

Mission The Mission of the ISCJ Library is to assemble, preserve and administer books and non-print materials; and to assist patrons in the use of these resources for the improvement of individuals and the community as a whole.

Goals of ISCJ Library
1. Diverse resource and equipment collections appropriate for use by individuals as well as classes in the NUI and Weekend School grade levels served.
2. Organization and maintenance of materials and equipment which facilitates optimum use.
3. Working areas and an environment which are well maintained, well organized and conducive to both learning and enjoyment while using the library resources.
4. Management of the facility and activities that allows flexible access based on patron input and needs assessments.
5. Instruction which promotes a lifelong interest in reading enables library patrons to function efficiently and successfully when pursuing research goals and encourages optimum usage of library materials, resources and services.
6. Support for NUI and Weekend School students and staff for any additional needs.

Inventory of Library The Library collection as of December 31st 2013

  • Reference Books 561
  • Circulation Books 4,126
  • Dawah Books for Distribution on request 1,838
  • Monthly Publications 12
  • Books available for Sale 1,061
  • Total Library Material (Quantity) 7,311

Library Activities during the Year 2013

  • Reader’s services for members and non-members.
  • Conducted library committee meetings on regular basis.
  • Updating, organizing, classifying and cataloging library books and materials.
  • Compiling and sending the Dawah packages to individuals and prisons upon their requests.
  • Updated the listing for the books on Sale.
  • Ordering new books and materials for the library from local publishers.

Maintenance Committeee

ISCJ Maintenance Committee is responsible for routine repairs and maintenance to the main Masjid building, the burial preparation house, and other ISCJ rental properties. The committee augments the critical function of ISCJ Administrator's office. The committee meets monthly to prioritize open items and report progress. We are always looking for new members who have any of the following skills to share in service of the ISCJ: building maintenance/repair experience, coordination and communication, project management, and engineering. Please contact If you would like to volunteer to this committee, or have any suggestions or feedback.

Media and Outreach Committee

The ISCJ Media and Outreach Committee is the official clearinghouse for information disseminated from our Society and community. It additionally handles all the media and outreach programs on behalf of ISCJ, such as:

  • visits from and to television stations;
  • visits from and to radio stations;
  • visits from and to newspapers and the print media;
  • visits by ISCJ personnel to outside agencies, such as, schools and religious institutions;
  • visits to ISCJ by outside schools and religious institutions;
  • collaborative efforts, such as, Interfaith Meetings.

Contact Dr. Fakhruddin or Arif Patel via main office number 732-329-6995


We are the sum of our parts, members. It is the faces of new generations of Muslims that will ensure that our community remains organized and viable for the future in this country. Creating membership means opening doors, and keeping our community organized, with a democratic voice.


  • Maintain and verify accurate membership records (including email addresses)
  • Prepare yearly Membership Application
  • Review and verify all new Membership Applications
  • Identify and promote membership benefits
  • Conduct membership drives throughout the year including at ISCJ events
  • Work closely with Administration, Accounting and other ISCJ committees
  • Participate in the annual Elections by partnering with the Administration, Accounting and Board of Overseers
  • To propose ideas to the ISCJ Board increase membership (for example: set goals for increase in membership on an annual basis, etc.).
  • To propose ways to welcome new members to the ISCJ community (for example: new members get together, welcome information packet, etc.)
  • To propose methods to manage ISCJ membership (for example: membership identification cards, etc.)

Are you a member? If not download the form here-->Membership Form

Complete it and submit to ISCJ office in person.

Any detailed questions and suggestions including wanting to volunteer may be directed via email.

Policies and Procedures Committee

There is a right way and a haphazard way to do the same thing. This committee ensures that that these standards of quality for our policies and procedures are maintained.

Religious Committee

**Have a specific question about Hajj? You can email and someone from the ISCJ Religious committee will contact you**

From Zakat to Ramadan activities, Friday Khutbahs to Eid. This committee performs a myriad of duties that empower and educate us as Muslims and reaches out to Non-Muslims so they have a proper understanding of who we are.b>Some ActivitieSome Activities of the Religious Committee

  1. Organize and arrange for Khateebs for all the Jumma prayers through out the year. The committee encouraged and invited speakers, both from within and outside the ISCJ community, to deliver Jumma Khutbas.
  2. Organize and arrange for Khateebs for Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha prayers.
  3. Performed all necessary functions for the disbursementt of Zakat funds.
  4. During the month of Ramadan, organize and coordinate activities like selection of Muqree, Quranic recitation, Taraweeh prayers and celebration of Lailat-ul-Qadr.
  5. Hajj preparations classes before Hajj every year.
  6. Provide oversight for the activities for the Hajj sub-committee.
ISCJ Board Zakat Distribution Policy (Reviewed July 2014)
Please visit the ISCJ website or Facebook page for the latest Religious Activities at ISCJ

Weekend Seminar Committee

The ISCJ Weekend Seminar Committee organizes and schedules weekend seminars for the benefit of the ISCJ members on Saturday (5 to 6 P.M.) and Sunday (12 to 1 P.M.) whenever the Weekend School is in session. On important occasions, such as the Seerah of the Prophet and the commemoration of the Black History Month (February) will conduct a session longer than the normal one hour period.

The Seminar Committee identifies topics that would be benefit to our community.The Seminar Committee then identifies and schedules eminent speakers for its Saturday/Sunday seminars. The speakers are not only experts in their fields but dynamic in their presentation with an ability to effectively present their knowledge, so that the ISCJ members stand to benefit from their knowledge.

The Weekend SeThe Weekend Seminar Committee strives to educate the ISCJ members on a broad range of subjects – from religious to health, financial, social, civic, scientific and environmental. The speakers are drawn from within the ISCJ community and from outside as needed. The seminars are usually followed by a a lively Q & A session.

Social Activities Committee

A masjid is more than a place of worship, it is a community center, the center of a Muslim community's activities. If you've attended an iftar, or enjoyed our annual picnic, you've already seen our work. Halal activities are thought up and planned by you to the benefit of everyone so come and be creative with ideas.

Click here to print Matrimonial Data form

ISCJ Weekend School


Most of our kids attend public school where they do not receive formal Islamic education. The primary goal of the ISCJ Weekend School is to fill this gap by equipping its students with fundamental Islamic knowledge, values, and attitudes to function as a contributing member of our growing Muslim society in the U.S. We seek to make this process a quality and fun experience, and to create a sense of belonging to Muslim community.


The Weekend School was formed in October 1983 to fulfill one of the main objectives when ISCJ was established. Initially, the Weekend School had only one session during Sunday with less than 40 students. Currently, the Weekend School has almost 600 students between both Saturday and Sunday Sessions.

For further information about ISCJ weekend school, please click here
Youth Committee

Where our young adults get together in a halal environment to make their own decisions and learn first hand how to plan activities that we, the youth, agree on.

In 2011, the ISCJ Boys Youth Group was formed alhumdulillah, please send an email to, for details and meeting time/dates. (Typically they meet Saturdays at 6pm inside masjid)

In 2012, the ISCJ Sisters Youth Group was formed alhumdulillah, please send an email to for details and meeting time/dates.(Typically they meet Saturdays at 1pm)

Don’t see a committee that interests you? Have more questions? Send an email to

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