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The Islamic Society of Central Jersey (ISCJ) is an organization of Muslim Americans that provides religious, educational and social services to its members, as well as to the community at large.

ISCJ is a non-political, non-profit, religious organization that encourages its members to be model citizens of the United States and to actively participate in the running of the local, state and national governments through volunteering and voting. ISCJ invites community leaders, elected officials and those seeking public office to address its members and to discuss important issues and their positions on those. The ISCJ never endorses any candidate for any office.

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ISCJ Procedure 16 - Prep and Conduct for General Body Meeting and Elections
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We aspire to be the anchor of a model community of practicing Muslims of diverse backgrounds, democratically governed, efficiently served, relating to one another with inclusiveness and tolerance, and interacting with the neighbors and the community at large in an Islamic exemplary fashion.

The fundamental objective of the Society will be to seek Glory to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

The Quran, Sunnah and the Sharia shall always be the guiding light for the Society.

We ask Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala to give us the wisdom and strength to fulfill our objectives. We ask that our activities be sincere and for His (SWT) pleasure only. We ask that He (SWT) accept and reward our deeds.

  • Provide means for Daily, Jumma and Eid prayers
  • Provide activities for the holy month of Ramadan
  • Provide marriage, funeral and counseling services
  • Publish newsletter at regular intervals.
  • Provide other services as needed
  • Propagate Islam among Muslims and Non-Muslims
  • Educate new Muslims
  • Encourage and promote harmony between Muslims
  • Establish weekend Islamic school, full-time Islamic school and summer education camp
  • Review and provide correct information on distortion found in public school text books regarding Islam and Muslims
  • Invite mainstream Muslim scholars for lectures
  • Participate in local and national government
  • Support Islamic issues around the globe
  • Support national Islamic organizations
  • Involve and/or initiate our stand against social ills in conjunction with other organizations
  • Motivate the involvement of the community in Masjid activities via social events - Provide at cost or profit, facilities for Muslim social events such as marriages, lawful gatherings, etc.
  • Provide Islamic education to the youth through training sessions, camp and establishment of youth organization
  • Actively raise funds for all Society activities
  • Establish zakat/charity fund for the needy
  • Support international causes including relief
  • Support national human rights organizations
  • Subsidize social, religious events

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