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Belief Statement

We believe in the dignity of the human being

We believe that each person in our society is a unique human being, with pride, needs, values, and innate personal worth. For our society to succeed, we must operate in a climate of openness and trust, in which each of us freely grants others the same respect, cooperation, and decency we seek for ourselves.

We believe in unity in diversity

We believe that diversity strengthens societies and should be honored and protected but also acknowledged as a challenge. True unity is more than self-interest; it results when values and ideas are shared. We look to the unifying force of these beliefs as a source of energy to brighten the future of our society and all who depend on it.

We believe in endless quest of excellence

Excellence cannot be compromised. We impose upon ourselves an obligation to reach beyond the minimal. Though we may be better today than we were yesterday, we are not as good as we could become tomorrow. None of us can settle for less than our best, and we can never stop trying to surpass what has already been achieved. We must continuously challenge and compete with ourselves.

We believe in continuous improvement

Continuous quality improvement is our way of life; it is the process we will use to achieve our mission. We will prosper only by moving forward. The past has given us the present to build on. We must anticipate change, shape it to our purpose, and act as its agents.

We believe in progressive thinking and innovation

We promote growth through seeking new ideas and searching for new information. We will continuously seek knowledge, search and research. We must think creatively and continuously pursue new ideas to achieve uncommon breakthroughs. The status quo cannot be our goal: we will either move ahead or move back. We must increase our knowledge, learn from our mistakes, and emphasize quality.

We believe power shared is power gained

Our whole Society is strengthened through the synergy that results when we share our power with one another.

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